Grand Cayman Residence

Grand Cayman Residence

Traditional Japanese gardens framed by a modernist architectural aesthetic.

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
Approx. 4,800 square feet
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For this residence, house and garden were designed as one space.

A modernist architectural aesthetic embraces the traditional Japanese element of shoji screens, or sliding doors, which open entire walls to the gardens and courtyards, framing specific views of the garden and extending living space out into nature. Incorporating native and tropical plants and trees, this project includes a zen-style garden, a lap pool with natural water features, interior courtyard garden, a tropical hardwood deck for tai chi practice and private gardens for the master bedroom and bathroom.

view of garden through doorway at Grand Cayman residence
view of garden through doorway from Grand Cayman residence
residence and rock garden at night, Grand Cayman residence
roof and sky at Grand Cayman residence
roof seen through leaves leaves
Blue image of lotus flower

Healing Gardens

Our Japanese-style healing gardens are designed with an intention for restoration on the deepest levels. We incorporate the ancient philosophies and techniques of Japanese garden design to reawaken the connection between people and nature – between ourselves and the larger, timeless cycles of change and regeneration.

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