pond at Samaritan Lebanon Community Hospital

Samaritan Lebanon Community Hospital

A multi-disciplinary collaboration between healthcare professionals, architects, designers, and community members, this healing garden is part of a model for progressive healthcare.

Lebanon, Oregon
11,000 square feet
June – November 2004
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The Healing Garden at Samaritan Lebanon Community Hospital (SLCH) marked the transformation of this small, rural hospital into a nationally-recognized, award-winning model of progressive healthcare, ultimately playing an integral role in the revitalization of the entire town.

Envisioned and created through a multi-disciplinary collaboration between SLCH’s Foundation, healthcare professionals, architects, community members and Kurisu International, the Healing Garden transformed an existing underutilized 11,000 square-foot courtyard into a vibrant, naturalistic environment that serves four distinct hospital populations in a single space.

goldfish pond at Samaritan Lebanon Community Hospital
Expectant mothers in the birth wing enjoy visual access to a private garden of year-round blooms, while a koi pond and waterfalls provide positive distraction to patients in the infusion therapy wing, where patients also have the option to receive treatment outside, at the pond's edge.
path through healing garden at Samaritan Lebanon Community Hospital
Education students view a meditative, Zen-style garden from their classroom. A publicly accessible part of the garden, visible from inside the cafeteria and along a main corridor, encourages getting out of doors with garden paths designed as natural modes of egress leading through the garden.
Two authentically crafted Japanese-style gazebos provide shelter, places to gather for social support, and all-weather dining. Strolling paths invite patients, staff, and visitors to stretch their legs, and get some fresh air as they explore further into the garden.
patient receiving infusion therapy while looking at garden at Samaritan Lebanon Community Hospital
When a preliminary interview between Kurisu and one of the nurses at SLCH revealed that the planned infusion therapy wing would not have garden views, Kurisu and the architects collaborated to produce a design of curved floor-to-ceiling windows extending right into the garden - and what oncologist Dr. George Norek calls “the best place in the state to receive chemotherapy and other infusion therapies.”
infusion wing at Samaritan Lebanon Community Hospital
garden waterfall at Samaritan Lebanon Community Hospital

The Healing Garden at SLCH has boosted patient volumes, delighted staff, motivated existing and new donors in and outside the community to pledge generously, and opened up numerous grant and business opportunities.

In 2006, Samaritan Lebanon Community Hospital's Healing Garden received the First Place Healthcare Environment Award for Landscape Design. For more information on Samaritan Lebanon Community Hospital and their Healing Garden, visit the Samaritan Health Services website.

pond at Samaritan Lebanon Community Hospital
Blue image of lotus flower

Healing Gardens

Our Japanese-style healing gardens are designed with an intention for restoration on the deepest levels. We incorporate the ancient philosophies and techniques of Japanese garden design to reawaken the connection between people and nature – between ourselves and the larger, timeless cycles of change and regeneration.

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