rooftop city garden with trees Chicago penthouse

Chicago Penthouse

A garden oasis in the heart of downtown Chicago.

Chicago, Illinois
2,800 square feet
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Built on the 14th floor, 2,800 square-foot penthouse terrace of a condominium, this project uses Japanese landscape design principles to create a sophisticated urban oasis in the heart of downtown Chicago.

Designed with the aesthetics of natural elements in mind, this landscape design was also carefully planned to complement the interior design and architecture, integrating the garden with various living and working spaces. 

interior penthouse room with views of rooftop garden and Chicago
The project required special consideration of the site's strict weight requirements and exposure to extreme temperatures. In addition, the client required several distinct spaces for different purposes within the garden design.
rooftop garden with chair and seating and trees, view of Chicago
With economical use of space and screening, Kurisu met these needs, creating a private space for sunbathing, a separate lounge area and a secluded are for business meetings.
rooftop garden with view of buildings in Chicago
Shallow water features were created to look attractive either wet or dry.
waterfall and pond on penthouse rooftop garden with view of Chicago pond with rock path and view of seating area in rooftop garden
lounge chair in penthouse rooftop garden with views of Chicago
Specimen trees were lifted into place by a crane positioned on the street below. Specially designed cultured stone helped Kurisu meet the weight requirements, and treatment of root balls and planting beds ensure that the trees survive harsh winter weather.
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Healing Gardens

Our Japanese-style healing gardens are designed with an intention for restoration on the deepest levels. We incorporate the ancient philosophies and techniques of Japanese garden design to reawaken the connection between people and nature – between ourselves and the larger, timeless cycles of change and regeneration.

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