An exclusively design-build firm, Kurisu has been creating exceptional landscapes nationally and internationally since 1972. Our work is based on the conviction that nature heals, and that in today’s world, communion with nature is more critical than ever to human wellbeing.


President and Founder of Kurisu International, Inc. (now Kurisu LLC), Hoichi Kurisu has been designing and building gardens for nearly 50 years.



“My dream is to create natural spaces that enrich lives... spaces that connect people horizontally and provide an opportunity to deepen our understanding – not just of ecology, but of ourselves.” 

– Hoichi Kurisu



Every element, from the shape of a waterfall to the careful placement of stepping stones, is specifically designed to cultivate awareness, humility and quiet contemplation.


Our Gardens

Kurisu has designed and built gardens throughout the United States as well as in Mexico, Japan, the British Virgin Islands and the Cayman Islands.
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Map of the Cayman Islands
Cayman Islands
Map of the British Virgin Islands
British Virgin islands
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Healing Gardens

Our Japanese-style healing gardens are designed with an intention for restoration on the deepest levels. We incorporate the ancient philosophies and techniques of Japanese garden design to reawaken the connection between people and nature – between ourselves and the larger, timeless cycles of change and regeneration.

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